About Yakta Impressive Work

Yakta is an organization working to educate the needy and poor academically. We are providing freelancing skills as well to facilitate thrice of them, the poor, the middle and the rich equally in providing skills but differently in fee. The courses are totally free for those who are living below the belt.

About YAKTA Existence

Since 2012

Yakta has started working since 2012 to facilitate the poor and needy free of cost.

Free Education

Yakta has provided and still working to deliver free academic education to hundreds of students.

Ration During COVID-19

Yakta has delivered ration door to door to hundreds of families.

Skills make you worthy and you make this world worthy.

مہارتیں تمہیں قابل بناتی ہیں اور تم اِس دُنیا کو قابل بناتے ہو۔

Usman Adal

Your Donations

Alhamdulillah, many Allah’s fearer and education lovers has donated to us time to time when need arose. Their donations are helpful to two parties simultaneously, first are those teachers who have no support to run families and second are students who are not able to meet their expenses. Your donations are also helpful to poor in getting skills in best and healthy environment. It is highly demanded from us to donate to education to make Pakistan skillful for all.

Our Promise

Through working practices, we’ve seen that it is really difficult and hard to find the needy and poor who want to get education and later able to have job. But now we’re able to find them easily after marketing the education need to them and they are aware of Sir Usman. Our practices give us great lessons and we are now best career counsellor for them too.

Message of CEO

Sir Usman Adal is CEO of Yakta organization.

This world is a place of skills where all skillful are now ruling.

Usman Adal

There’s dire need of getting skills and use them to have best livelihood. All rich are able to get such skills from best institutes where poor and middle levels never think of even entering. For such poor and needy, we’ve started free computer courses and free academic education system where they can get skills and can enhance their qualifications.

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