How to Control Anger

Anger is such an activity that may destroy relations. Relations are the most precious gifts from God and to destroy them with anger is regretful. One can say it is an evil action and no doubt anger depressed us. Everyone loves to be praised and you can be an example to others to control anger. To control anger is sometimes inevitable but it’s possible in this fast era too where young ones are suiciding, if something against them.

Steps to Control Anger

Ready to Control Anger

Do you realize your anger is bad habit? Have you noticed your depression’s cause? Do you ready to face your anger? Do you like to control your anger? These questions will help you to accept that you are ready to control anger. You have to be sincere in these questions by heart and even a little flexibility may lead you back to the same condition. Don’t be tensed, just think what will you get after controlling anger because there is always a room for betterment only when you desire of it.

Look Before You Leap

As you know anger is a cause to ruin relations and leave you empty handed? Therefore, it’s necessary step to look before you leap because everyone needs respect from you and if you respect someone, he/she can give you a little chance to forgive your attitude during anger. We all are puppets of mistakes so, we have to be regretful after anger and say sorry.


Always say I can do it further better than before. Talk to yourself but positively because positive thinkers can control anger more quickly. Positive self-talk is a mind therapy. Positivity gives you mind and heart relaxation. Positive self-talk helps you to fight with all affairs easily and gives you optimistic life. You can rid of all worries and can easily control anger.

Move to an Open Place

When you’re in anger then it’s good to find an open place to relax yourself. Take deep breath and deeply focus on your surroundings. It can help you to stay away of the reason of anger. It also gives you time to understand the cause of anger and a way to out of the problem.

Perform Relaxation Activities

If you spend your whole time in anger, how can you relax? If the anger is due to your past then for how long you will stick to your past and when you will think to move forward. First leave to think of bitter part of your past and meditate towards your coming life. Meditation helps you to control the flow of thoughts that may cause anger. Use meditation as a medicine daily for 15-20 minutes. Don’t stuff your head on things which you unable to understand. Don’t depend on others opinion related to you but depend upon your actual but positive motives. Give special time to explain yourself to you first.

Stand if you’re sitting or sit if you’re standing during anger. Drink a glass of water to control anger.

Sleep Well

Sleep helps most of the people to control anger. Many people talk during sleep of all about their anxieties that cause anger. You awake tensionless in the morning when you’ve explained your anger. It is medically confirmed that when we talk to someone about our problems then we feel relax.

Do Exercise

Exercise is not only fit you physically but also mentally. Exercise gives you spirits to cope with hardships and also gives calm of mind. Walk daily a few kilometers and do some exercises. Anger affects you physically and cause serious problems related to health. Do exercise to prevent yourself from health problems which are caused due to anger. There are many poses of yoga that can be used to reduce stress level.

Request for Assistance

You can take assistance from your doctor and use medicines to control anger. Go to psychiatrist and explain him your anger’s reasons. Don’t shy because anger is destroying the peace of your life. Talk to your close friend about your anger. Get the best possible solutions to control anger.

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