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How to Create HTML Webpage in 11 Easy Tricks

HTML is a markup language and is old one to create html webpage or webpages. Hyper Text Markup Language is widely used high level language. Most of other web languages are also embed in HTML. HTML is easy and simple language in which TAGS are written. In order to create a web page, you need to know the Tags of HTML language. You need to practice the HTML tags to have full command. Here you will learn some basic and important HTML tags to create a HTML web page.

How to Create HTML Webpage

Where to write HTML

To write HTML webpage needs a source code editor where you can write HTML tags. Notepad is most common type of text editor and can be used as a source code editor. You can easily search Notepad in your Windows. Go to Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, Notepad. Search for Notepad in Windows 8, 8.1, 10, 11 by using Win + S shortcut key and then write Notepad in search bar.

Use TextEdit for Mac but you can install Notepad in Macintosh also.

You can use Notepad++ as a source code editor. Some other software like atom and sublime text can also be used.

Opening and Closing Tags

Where we can write all information means codes or tags of HTML language? HTML codes are written inside the opening tag (< >) and the closing tag (</ >) in HTML language.

Identify the Language

You are going to write HTML language, similarly, text editor also needs to understand which language you are going to write. Therefore, write starting HTML tag like <HTML> and closing HTML tag like </HTML>.

<HTML> this tag will write at the start of the language and </HTML> this tag will write at the end of the language.

Write Head Tag

Head HTML tag is used to write the general information of your web page like title. The opening tag is <HEAD> and closing tag is </HEAD>.

Write Title Tag

Title of page is displayed at the title bar (the topmost bar in which name of web page appears) of your browser. You will write TITLE tag inside the HEAD tags. The opening tag is <TITLE> and closing tag is </TITLE>.

Write Body Tag

You will place all the content of your web page in Body tag. Body tag starts after Head closing tag. The opening tag of Body is <BODY> and closing tag is </BODY>. You will write all required content tags within Body tags.

Write Paragraph Tag

To write text in paragraph, you will use Paragraph tag. The opening tag of Paragraph is <P> and closing tag is </P>. You will write this tag inside the BODY.

Write Break Tag

To break the line, you will use Break HTML tag. Break tags <br>, <br/> or <br />. This tag is also written inside the BODY.

Write Heading Tag

Six types of heading tags are used in HTML language from <h1> to <h6>. First and large heading is <h1>, last or small heading is <h6> and other heading tags are <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>. The opening tag is <h1> and closing tag is </h1>. Use heading tags where you need.

Write Image Tag

You can add image to your HTML web page by using Image Tag. The opening tag is <img scr=”URL”> and closing tag is </img>. If you are using HTML offline then you can add image path in your computer instead of URL. URL is the location where your image is located on web. You need to write the full path in order to access the image.

Save HTML Web page

When you finish writing the above tags and the description inside them then you need to save HTML web page. Use Ctrl + S to save or go to File Menu and select Save option to save HTML web page. Write the name of the file and use file type ‘.html’, ‘.htm‘ with it. Save the HTML web page as name.html.

HTML Website Builder

There are many websites which are giving friendly environment to users to create website with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap online and also offline. These HTML webpage examples with source code help user to easily change source code when required.


NicePage is a website builder that facilitate the user to create desktop, mobile and tab friendly responsive HTML websites. You need no code to create HTML webpage or a full website. NicePage is an open source program that can be downloaded easily.


Webflow is a free online tool to create HTML webpage with relevant tools. These tools are easy for beginners too who can create first HTML webpage easily. Webflow gives HTML source code with CSS code which can be altered anytime.

HTML Website Templates

HTML website templates help you to understand more depth knowledge about the HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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