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How to Start a Speech in 7 Powerful Ways

To start a speech depends upon the topic and the audience behavior on your arrival. Actually, audience is waiting for something excited from you when you arrived at dice. Audience attention performs a key role to start a speech. You can use any suitable method to start your speech according to the event.

Table of Content for Start a Speech

Start with a smile  

SMILE stands for StructureMeaningImageryLanguageEffect.

It is a joyous appearance that keeps the audience calmly attentive to you. Whenever, you get ready to start a speech, everyone is waiting for a person who is structurally suited to the speech topic, his meaning is concerned, his visual appearance i.e. imagery is related, his language is understandable, and he is able to make effect from his speech. Smile is the only reason that provides confidence to you and also to the audience, who literally understand that the presenter has something very innovative for us.

Start with greeting words

To get the attention of the audience, it’s a good trick to say greeting words in front of them. In this way, they all will be attentive towards you. And will seem to be waiting for something from you. You can use the greeting words like Hi, Hello, Good morning, Good afternoon, Good Evening, Namaste, Assalam-o-Alaikum, How are you buddies etc. The greeting words can be changed according to time. You can also use the words which are more commonly used in your area to greet someone. Imagine them and start your speech with them.

Start with bold statement

It is a good idea to express an opinion in a brave way, that opinion later be controversial. Try to find the best possible ‘bold statement’. Don’t use wrong statements without confirmation, like ‘Sidney is the best place to live in’ or ‘everyone likes only to play football’.

Your bold statement should have positive meaning that can become your identification to others, like ‘I heard Mustafa runs that NGO in Japan’ or ‘I am ready to fight against the cruelty’.

Start with a story

A speech is a source of communication in which a person is describing his opinion about a specific topic. If he/she relates a story, then it can be a positive impression. If the topic is about the personality building, then you can relate a story about a person whose personality is adorable. But your story should not be so much long that audience gets tired of that. Make it easy to understand for all the people surround you.

Start with survey evidence

Your speech is considered to be a creative idea but to start a speech with some evidences that are surveyed by NGOs or governments, will affect positively to your speech. If your speech topic is education then you must add a survey of the country where most of the people are literate like Andorra which is a country in Europe has the highest literacy rate in the world.

Start with a quote

To start a speech with a quote provides confidence to you and proves yourself to be educated. Quote is an estimation given by some personality. There are many personalities whose quotes are used all around as Aristotle was a philosopher who has explained education in his words as ‘The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet’. Therefore, use related quotes in your speech that is an easy way to provide more knowledge in less time to audience.

Start with visuals

Visual aid helps the performers to clear the starting of the topic more efficiently. Sometimes, more visuals can interrupt you to hold on your speech. But if you manage the visuals according to your words or sentences, then it can be a more powerful way to start your speech with those visuals.

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