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What is coding? This is the mostly asked and searching topic on GOOGLE. Few search it before graduation but mostly graduate students search and work on it.

What is Coding

CODING is a list of instruction that is given to a computer to create different type of softcopy things as GAMES, SOFTWARE, WEBSITES, PROGRAM and etc. A person that knows how to write a coding perfectly is called coder.

There are two types of coder is

  • Programmer
  • Coder

Computer is an amazing tool and machine that can require some instruction to do work.

Programmer and coders are the persons who can write the programs behind everything you can see in your screen. These are the instructions given to your computer to design it. These are written in special language that is known as HIGH LEVEL LANGUAGE.

There are many type of languages that depend upon the task that you can choose. For example PYTHON, HTML, JAVA, CSS, C++, .NET, PHP and many more.  

Coding is sometimes called computer programming. Coding tells a computer how to take and write code is like creating an instruction. 

Career in Coding

In this modern world, it is becoming much demanded job in all over the world. We can get order on freelancing platform as FIVERR, UPWORK, FREEELANCER and etc. In the following there are some demanded jobs related to CODING.

  • Computer programmer

A person who knows how to create codes for software and computer application. He can provide very valuable services across economic sector. It is a professional work in information technology.

  • Web developer

Web developer is becoming a very attractive and best paid career in our modern world. Web developer is a person who knows how to develop a website. There are two types of web developers.

1. Front-end developer

 A person who knows how to develop a website as basic front. There are different languages as HTML5, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT and etc.

2. Back-end developer

A person who knows how to develop a website as back-end in coding. There are different languages as JAVA, RUBY, PHP, .NET PYTHON and etc.

  • Full stack developer

A person who can develop both client and server software.

  • Program a browser (using JavaScript, VUE, jQuery and etc.)
  • Program a server (PHP, ASP, NODE, PYTHON and etc.)
  • Program a database (SQL,SQLITE and MONGODB)

A full stack developer also knows about HTML, CSS.

  • Games developer

Game development is the art of creating games and describe the design in the development of games. For example PYTHON, HTML5, LUA, C++, OBJECTIVE-C, ACTIONSCRIPT and etc. A game also requires a graphic designer.

  • Application developer

An application developer is a professional person who can design, create and update program for particular devices, the websites, and specific operating system.

  • Android platform
  • App store
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • HTML5
  • PH.P
  • Java
  • Python
  • CSS
  • and etc.

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